Colleen Huff, FAADOM

Insurance Specialist


Colleen Huff has been in the dental field for 20+ years. Her dental career began as a Customer Service Rep for Metlife Dental in Utica, NY. From there, a move to New Jersey introduced her to the world of dental offices, and she has been there ever since. Colleen honed her office skills for about seven years before taking on the world of Management in 2001. Colleen has been an independent consultant for numerous dental offices throughout the country. She has helped grow a practice from the ground up, as well as re-organize established practices. Colleen is the founder/president of the Buffalo/WNY Chapter of AADOM- (D.E.N.T.A.L. Study Group) and an active member of AADOM, along with being one of their first Ambassadors. Colleen achieved her fellowship with AADOM in 2015. With a strong belief in the value of networking and the sharing of knowledge, she continues to grow her AADOM chapter by bringing the top dental practice management consultants to the Buffalo area. She continues to run the offices of Patricia Haberman, DDS. and Mira Edgerton DDS, PhD.