David Striegel, Ph.D.

Business coach specializing in maximizing performance (team and individual) and profitability in dental practices.

Contact: dstriegel@dentalconsultantconnection.com

Dave’s unique background, with a Ph.D. in performance psychology from UVA, coupled with his highly engaging yet no-nonsense style have led to over 15 years of success as a consultant, coach and speaker nationally to many high performance organizations including dentists, business entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, top educators and law enforcement specialists including FBI Hostage Rescue Teams and members of the military’s Special Forces.

In addition, Dave has spent the last 5 years coaching and co-managing more than 90 dental practices through his work with Practice Enhancement Group, a financial performance firm. This experience has enabled Dave to successfully target two of the common frustrations dentists face in running their practices: elevating their team and enhancing their profit.

At the core of Dave’s work is what you, the Dentist, want to achieve professionally and personally. Once you’ve, together, decided on the goals, he helps you put a realistic action plan in place. Implementation then begins. Dave is keenly aware that Dentists generally don’t have an “information challenge.” They are the experts within their practices and have many great ideas that could make a real difference in their performance. What they have, instead, is an “implementation challenge.” If your desire is to pursue excellence for yourself or your organization, Dave will help you master the implementation skills necessary for long-term success.

He will teach and motivate you and your team to thrive under the pressure of these uncertain economic times, which, in turn, will create conviction and confidence in you and stability and strength in your practice.