Laura Jamison

Dental Practice Consultant – Dynamic Team Building – Application of Solid Business Management Principles


Laura Jamison is one of dentistry’s most successful and highly respected consultants. Laura is focused on dynamic team building and solid business management principles that maximize growth potential. She gained tremendous experience working for the Pride Institute with Dr. Jim Pride from 1986 through 1992.

Laura’s desire to design unique action plans for her clients led to the start of Jamison Consulting in 1992. Laura has guided over 1,500 practices across the nation to new heights not imagined prior to her involvement. Laura’s seminars are in high demand and she has been invited to present for national, state and county dental societies as well as many chapters in the Seattle Study Club. Her writing can be found in publications including Dental Economics, Today’s FDA, ADA Dental Teamwork, Inside Dentistry, Dental Assisting Digest and the AADOM Observer as well as in the book, Powerful Practice, Volume 2.

Laura is most recently the founder of Dentistry has a Her passion for helping the entire dental team is evident in this educational website promoting a relationship between the dentist and the cardiologist in every community by promoting Dentistry has a Heart month in February each year.