Robert F. Spiel, MBA

Transition Management Services


My company philosophy is to provide comprehensive practice management and transition management services that are customized and get long term results. My emphasis is in building cultures of genuine leaders at all levels in a practice (from Dr and Partner level down to sterilization tech) who provide exceptional patient care, truly find joy serving patients and each other, and continue to excel and grow. Specialties include practice transitions, group facilitation and training, personal and group leadership training and coaching, strategic practice planning, key stake holder surveys, and operational systems analysis and recalibration. I am also a member of the Speaking Consulting Network and a board member of Climb for a Cause. I have had the opportunity to publish in the Progressive Dentist, Progressive Orthodontist, Dental Economics, AADOM Observer, AADGP Contact and have a co-authored article coming out in AGD Impact. I welcome speaking at major and minor meetings, as well as study groups and group practice training sessions — providing presentations and key notes throughout the US and internationally. I serve clients throughout the country and in Canada.