Sarah Shively, CPA

MyPracticeCFO (Accounting for Dentists)


MyPracticeCFO is a full service accounting firm for dental practices. We pride ourselves on providing dental practices with an accounting solution that allows them to focus on growing and maintaining their practice and not spending time focusing on accounting, bill paying and taxes. MyPracticeCFO customizes our services for each dental practice based on their needs but the typical service package we provide is as follows:

  • Provide monthly income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows
  • Comparison of financial data with industry standards
  • Bill payment
  • Monthly tax projections
  • Corporate and individual tax preparation
  • Quarterly tax estimate preparation
  • Other various tax filings (1099s, personal property taxes, etc)
  • Collaboration with other consultants/advisors to maximize profits

With our services, practice owners have the information and knowledge to make sound financial decisions and to ensure their practice is operating at its fullest potential. We pride ourselves in making accounting and taxes a stress-free experience.